Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation 6) Audience Feedback and comment. (2)

I thought posting my film on Facebook would firstly start to distribute my film to the public, as well as get some feedback from my target audience. That aren't necessarily confident with media but enjoy watching films.
I posted it and within a bit I got a few comments. There were a lot of good ones, saying things like it was thrilling - which definitely hit the target. And they were very nice, but perhaps some of that might have been biased as they were my friends. But I did get some critics, like the length was a bit long. That one I took into consideration, as I wouldn't want to bore my audience, after Hitchcock said the beginning is the most important part of the film.

Some comments were as follows: 

 We also went to the cinema for a screening of the film. And I was very reassuring when we were getting to the build up, or end and people fell silent,eyes fixated on the screen. Which is exactly what we wanted. There was no unwanted giggles, or any muttering in the audience to show boredom, and after talking to some people after they seemed to really enjoy and found it creepy, 'wanting to watch more'. Overall I think people enjoyed the titles to my film, which is good as we aimed it at this age group.

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