Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Q1) In what ways your Media Product use, developer challenge forms and conventions of Real Media Products?

In our film we were mainly inspired by the film 'Se7en' as you could tell with some of the extreme/close up shots that we included in our sequence. 

We decided to use a discrete title sequence as it is similar to 'Se7en's title sequence and use more or less effects with the font, with the etched out/scratchy look to it.  

One of our main priorities was to capture the whole 'scribbling out the picture' scene as in Se7en it seemed to be the main bit in the sequence. Our take on Se7en's version wasn't as successful in making it as 

creepy as in Se7en but we more or less still got the view of 'What a weirdo!' It gave us the audience a view of this guy being a lunatic and an absolute crazy person. Which was the whole point of capturing this. 

One criticism we got was that the comparison we done with the messy handwriting in the title sequence did not really go with how the characters handwriting so I feel that if 

the characters handwriting was how it looked in the title sequence then that would have made a slightly better comparison and would of reflected upon the titles and how they look.

The extreme close up of the book was highly effective because we captured this in a clever way. The lighting played a very good part in exposing all what 

is on the book and nothing else and the background pitch black. Also when watching the film you can see dust particles 
in the air so this is very effective. 

Photographs were the main priority in Se7en's film so myself and my group members thought that it would be best to feature this in our sequence and to make it the main part of it. 

Using intertextuality references from Se7en really inspired me and my other group members to create this weird and creepy thriller and it has really taught me to think outside the box in order for us to create a sequence like this. 

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