Friday, 8 April 2011

Q8 Looking back at your premliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Comparing what we done in the Prelim I feel that myself and my group members have come a long way. I say this because some of the shots in the Prelim were good but not as good as what we've achieved in the final product.

The equipment that got given to us was basic but we had to make do with that we had seen as our film had no budget whatsoever so that was a bit of a struggle.

The equipment that got given to us was; Lighting kit, tripod and a camera.

I feel that the equipment that got given to us was of a basic stanard. The mis en scene of 'The Headteacher' was meant to be in a office but that didn't work out for some odd reason so it ended up being in the canteen. Unfortunately the character kept on looking into the camera when he should of been looking at the other character so it was not realistic at all. Also the camera movement of the prelim didn't seem to flow very week and that was another set back we had. Whilst ending the prelim we started to notice that not only our thriller did not look like a thriller but it seemed to of started to look like a comedy/spoof. One member of the group and I were discussing this situation and I thought to myself that 'If we struggled on the prelim, we are definitely doing to struggle on the real thing' and we did.

It was very difficult to communicate with some members of the group because everyone had ideas and wanted their ideas to be used in our final cut so it was rather annoying people talking over each other to get a point across. I feel we have made a huge improvement from our prelim to our final cut because the mis en scene of the final cut was on point and that the darkness of the mis en scene fitted in well with the whole theme of the film.

I feel that the digital technology which I have used in making this was improved on immensely as I didn't really think making a opening sequence was going to be hard but you literally have to consider everything and thats what makes it so difficult.

The production scedule and I encounted was rather good because myself and my group members decided to film in the one week holidays to get it out the way and when we come back to college all we will have left to do is to upload it onto our hardrive and edit it. We decided to do this because from our prelim we thought that we'd struggle and be behind so we just thought to ourselves to just get it out the way.

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