Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation 4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract your audience?

One way I can distribute my film is thorough the website this website is funded by the lottery and posts films made by young people, they also give the opportunity to fund them, and help them in their career. This would be a good place for my film, as it it is free and I'm a young person working in film. This website also gives out rewards, this means it gets some publicity. As the Sunday times does an award, it means it would feature with a well known newspaper, getting publicity.  is another website used to post independent films, which I could think about eventually getting mine shown, however they are more for longer, more professional films. However it would be a possible distributor fro my film. 

To attract an audience my film will be posted on to Vimeo a website used  to publish videos, this is a way people can access my film online. This can be randomners, or I can tell family and friends about it, which will then spread if they tell their friends. This is also a similar way YouTube can help get an audience for my film, as if I upload it there, it will allow strangers to come across and hopefully pass it on to other people. However, I must be careful with as there are many people that upload videos on there. And so my film may just get lost with the other millions of videos uploaded. So I can't depend solely on YouTube to attract an audience. However, Youtube will encourage people to rate it and comment so I can get true judgements.

My video will be put on DVD, 200 copies will be made. This is one way my film will be distributed, it is also a way that an audience will be attracted. As I will past it around my family, and friends and it will again circulate. 

Facebook is a way that may films have been advertised, as it has millions of members, as well as Twitter, these are free websites I can take advantage of to get my film seen and hopefully spread around friends.  They also like Youtube spread virally and so I can hope many more people will watch it, However, it may restricted to just the people I'm friends with on them. 


When it comes to distributing films, the best biggest names such as 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros are mentioned, for big films such as Avatar and Star Strek for example, but for low budget, college productions such as my film, we're looking at other ways of distributions such as using websites such as to broadcast your film, or by uploading your clip on Youtube or social networking sites such as Facebook.

My video would be put on sites such as vimeo, and may be helped out by websites such as to. Sites such as these will help get the video views, because they're independant and free to the public. 

We used CANDI Studios to distribute my film as it is a low budget film and CANDI Studios supports low budget films made by students.

And from here, we could spread the word about our film by using social networking sites such as:

So far, my film has only been shared on Blogger and temporarily on Facebook and has been watched by an audience of 200 at a local cinema called The Screen on the Green


The target audience for our film would be from students to adult couples. A example of an audience member would be:

An 18 year old male college student, listens to pop, r&b music, has a part-time job at Topman, taking his girlfriend out on a date, she's of the same age, and has movie interests in thriller, romance and comedy.

The male would probably have a wallet on him, carrying  his Oyster card, debit cards, student pass, driving license and his money.

This film would attract males because of the manliness of the film, the knives and intent to murder, which is male motivated, whereas the romantic feel of the feel, 'ex-girlfriend' will attract the girls.

Evaluation 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We wanted to show our character as being stressed, angry and frustrated at his recent break up, consequently making him unpleasant and wanting to kill - showing he has some sort of mental health issues. In our film our character was kept concealed, throughout most of it, you would only see certain body parts; like a tattoo that would hint at something later on in the film, the shots which were more mid-shots where shot to not show him fully, or his hands be covering hid face. This then created mystery, into the character. Towards the end of the film we included an extreme close up of his eyes. This was to add a bit of revealing but the eyes were man to look cold and to be feared. In the film 'Se7en' the character in the opening sequence was concealed throughout this was an extreme of ours, as you only ever saw his hands, but we wanted to show a bit more, so the audience can see his emotion, and so they can spot him later on in the film.

One reason why we showed him from wider angles was so that the audience could see how frustrated he was, as this is an imoirtant factor to our film. We were watching a Trey Songz music video 'Can't be friends' and as the song is about a break up, the man would have been feeling a simular frustration to our character so we tried to mimick some of the moves he does in the video to show his anger and frustration. Like the shaking of head, and grabbing with his hands. When our character did this, it was a clear way of presenting his feelings without having dialogue. Representing the anger and stress of this character. Going crazy and showing a more messed up side. Depicting a mental disorder has progressed. This represents that love can sometimes bring out the worse in people, eventually making them develop depressed or a psychopath as well as other mental illnesses. 

Our character was also kept in a dark basement, this is a common setting used in thriller films, and reflected the isolation of the character, representing his loneliness and deviation from social norms - depicting the psychopath to his character. 


Our character was inspired by the concepts from the Se7en character, and Trey Songz's character in his video 'Can't be friends'. Our concept was to come up with a character who has lost his girlfriend, so he has turned almost crazy, and is in such stress, he goes mad and is now after her, but this time to kill her. We used parts from Se7en, such as when the Se7en character cuts pictures out, to show addiction. and obsession. We were hoping that by scratching people's face off pictures with her, this would show a dark, creepy, murderous side.  Our character was very hidden, face hidden, mysterious and secretive, showing intertextuality with the Se7en character. In parts of our clips, our character is seen going  crazy and out of his head, with his hands holding his head, looking frustrated and disturbed, this is a comparison to the Trey Song's character in his video, where he holds on to his head and loses control. We done this to show the effect the break up caused our character, to show how much he loved/misses her. Our character is always in the dark, and this shows reference to the Se7en character.

EVALUATION 1: Comparisons part 2



For our media project, we used a lot of intertextuality, one of those was the book scene, this was done because we thought this would give a crazy effect, like the character was a mad scientist relating to the book.

We thought the writing used for the title sequence fitted well with our theme, to show a scratchy feeling, to cause a disturbance to people.

The scribbling out of people technique was used to show deletion, this shows how the character wants to get rid of the ex's relatives.

The writing scene was used to show similarities and compare itself to show that the person is obsessed, and as if he's almost mad, and still stuck in the moment, unwilling to let go.

The shaking head scene from Trey Songz's video is copied to show his frustration and to show distraught after losing his girlfriend. This made him look very lost and crazy, scratching and holding on to his head

The picture scene shows obsession, with repeated copies and pictures of him and his ex, having reminders shows his weirdness and his obsessiveness to his girlfriend, stalking her.

For this scene, we used a knife to show a murderous crazy side to the character, this strikes fear into the audience, showing how mad the character is, and what desperate lengths he'll go to.

Evaluation 1) In what ways your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In our film there were many inspirations from Se7en, this can be seen in some of our shots. Firstly we did it in a discrete title sequence, and similarly to Se7en, we put our titles on a black screen and the writing was white scratchy and had a flashy effect to it. It was not the same as Se7en but did have similarities. And we wanted the same feel that Se7en gave. A sort of psychotic and creepy feel to it. The discrete title sequence shows that there is something wrong with the character, no order, a bit messy, jumpy and theres something more to it. I think this represents his character and the state of his head. 

One feature in our film was the scribbling out of the face in Se7en, this was done in editing of scribbling out one bit then the rest of it had been scribbled out by the next shot. We thought this worked really well and made the film seem more creepy so we attempted to mimic it in our film. It fitted well as we wanted to give an impression of him murdering her family and friends - anyone that would get in the way of him getting her. So when he scribbled out the face it showed who he was going to kill. Representing he has some sort of mental health issue after his 'heart break'. 

The shot of the book on the side, we thought was an effective shot, as it was an extreme close up, and you could see the tiny detail in it. The background is also blacked out as with the shot the background was a blur, so it leaves mystery, as you can only see the side of it it leaves mystery as to what it is, and the significance to it. 

We thought then when there was writing in Se7en, it had a sort of obsessive feel to it. Which is what our film is about so we decided that could be one idea we could use, to have some repetition to show an obsession. 

Photos are often used in thrillers if there is a stalker or something, a few photos were used in Se7en to show the focus of their odd behaviour. So photo's were key in our film to express the obsession or 'addiction' he has with this girl. Also through the use of photos we were able to tell the audience that they used to be together, and then split up, so it is obvious that he wants her back.  It shows his obsession with her, representing that love has lead him to psychopathy. 

Other intertextuality we used in our film, which were inspired by thrillers, were the knife scene, as knifes are a common weapon used to show who the 'bad guy' is.  Also the dark room as that implies exclusion, loneliness and a sense of an outsider, which is usually the character of the films villain.