Friday, 25 March 2011


With the sound, we wanted a creepy bass line with a screechy sound effect over the top, we found an un-copyrighted instrumental of a bass line, thats dark slow and eerie, when added to our film I felt it fiited well.  Unlike the creators of Se7en which is what we wanted ours to be similar to. So we decided to leave the extra screechy sounds and we just put a rumbling sound over the title of 'addicted' this was not that obvious but it did add a little bit more to the title, emphasising the importance.

We used Soundtrack pro to find sounds to add on, and we found, with the help of Bernard, a sound that would add more edge and excitement to our movie intro. The beat went from low to fast paced, which is what was needed, according to our teachers.

Also, we put emphasised the word 'kill' to match the movie, and have a phychotic feel to the film.

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