Friday, 25 March 2011


We looked for a long time at different stylising edits, and contemplated a lot whether to use them. We cut it down to desaturated, bad film or bad tv, to use on some of the shots. We didn't want to use them all of them, as many are effective by themselves. We tried them out added them to the photo bit for example. But when we put them on, it just didn't seem to work, as the shots are meant to be jumpy and quick they aren't in an obvious order like a sequences following a story, so it could have been another film really. and even though we wanted the jumpy effect, we still wanted it to be obvious it was the same film, and with the effects it just seemed to be all of the place, in the way we didn't want. If it was a story like opening it may have worked better if we stylised some parts of it. But we thought our film was best without the stylised bits.

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