Wednesday, 16 March 2011



Myself and my group members came together to get some of the needed shots and we recorded it in the mean while. We eventually done it and we uploaded it to our rough cut of our sequence. Whilst we were trying to resemble Se7en's crazy yet sophisticated open sequence it was clear that our one was no were near it. For each shot there was around 40 clips for that one scene and we didn't have enough. So we had to work with what we had. To be honest I think what we had was really good. The lighting was great and it looked, in my eyes, professional.

Drawing to the Rough Cut deadline my group and I decided to add a title of our film "Addicted" to our opening sequence so that the audience could get a feel for our film and what was expected. We started working on our title in LiveType and it was obvious that the titles that were used in Se7en is something that we wanted or something very similiar. Therefore we were looking and we found something in the style of Se7en. It was very jumpy and it goes with the whole feel of our film which is jumpy.

We found a sound track which would be PERFECT for our film. HORAYYY ! :D

Here is the sound track below. We could use this audio file because it has nothing on it saying 'Copy Righted' so we are allowed to use it.

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