Friday, 25 March 2011


We had some trouble with our location, but we needn't worry. We originally did all our filming in Ryans house, and when we realsied we needed to do more shots, it some became clear that we wouldn't be able to go all the way back there as it was about an hour away. So we had to make do with a classroom in school. Luckily we had to do close ups, so it meant we didn't actually have to show the location, we turned out the lights, closed the blinds, and before we knew it we could have been anywhere. We made our shots extreme close ups, so they filled the frames, and trying to not show the tables, we made it so they could have been anywhere.
When watching it back it wasn't obvious where we were and no one who saw spotted us out.
It kind of is like reality in filming, they would film in many different locations and make it one house for example. They just have to position it well.
I think during this we were very happy that we chose to do a sequence with mainly close ups.

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