Thursday, 24 March 2011



Well seen as my group and I were getting on with editing and so on I decided to use my initiative and ask what people thought of my groups thriller sequence. I asked twenty people of which were different ages. Varying from the age sixteen (Which was our target audience) up to twenty-five. I was rather suprised with some of the feedback that was given to be quite honest. Most people actually liked it and I was presently suprised.

Mark, 16YearsOld Said: "I really like this, I mean, its different, I like how theres a lot different shots, close ones and really long ones"

Justine, 18YearsOld Said: "I like the whole concept of the sequence but Im not sure if I believe it"

Tarique, 20YearsOld Said: "Not sure if I would go to the cinema to watch it if it was out but I personally think this is more for a younger generation"

Monique, 19YearsOld Said: "I could honestly see this being a blockbuster. I really like how you've captured the little things like the eyes and the guy playing with the knife. Its disgusing but I don't want my eyes to come off of it"

Suzie, 23YearsOld Said: "I like the fast pace of this sequence and it's actually exciting, not sure if I'd go to the cinema to watch it though, but if someone recommended it to me then I'd definitely go and watch it"

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