Friday, 25 March 2011


With our film done, all we needed to do was adding the title. Using Se7en for inspiration, we decided to have the titles inbetwen clips and use white writing on black screen. Just like Se7en, we picked a similar font, a scratchy sort of font, which went well with our film. At first we used special effects to make the title jump out, but that was heavily slated by our teachers, for being childish.

The effect the writinig gives works well, because it gives a creepy effect, and it looks pencilled in and scary.

Another thing we done was to play with the positioning of the names, so we had names in different corners, hoping the audience would notice, and think that's quite weird, which is what we want, to set a weird atsmosphere.

We also had a lot of fun with the names, obviously me, Laura and Iriesha are real people, and making names up became fun for me, check out the name of our director, Romeo Valentine LOL

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