Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Filming Day Two


Filming on the second day went rather well, even though we still had some problems. The good points of the second filming day is that we got all the filming done and we were happy about that. But the equipment provided let me down a bit. The lighting kit at first was very good, I mean, it was bright and bold but after five minutes or so it got really dull. So there was different tones of lighting whilst watching back what we recorded which was quite worrying if our audience would notice that or not.

Another problem that me and my group came across is that the Mis En Scene that we chose which was Ryans living room, I didn't have a clue that there was a mirror in there so we thought that we should incorprate using the mirror to give off a reflection to make it seem very mysterious and capture it on camera without actually seeing the camera. At first it was hard to film it as you could see the reflexion of the camera in the mirror. So I had to but the camera at a certain angle as I couldn't put it straight on because of the reflexion.

Another thing which was quite difficult to deal with is the actor of the title sequence. I asked him to be serious in doing something and it just wasn't acceptable as it didn't look believable and one thing I didn't want to repeat for sure is doing a comedy/spoof version of a thriller as done previously in our practise filming before. So I asked the actor to look believable and to be serious about it and he did.

Filming a title sequence is really nerve-racking as you don't know what the final clip will look like. I really do feel for professional camera people as the pressure that I felt whilst filming was probably an ounce to how profession camera people face everyday in their working life. But I suppose they know what their letting themselves.

To be honest, filming a title sequence was enjoyable but I feel that the editing part of our sequence will be better and more fun. Hopefully anyways!

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