Friday, 25 March 2011

Planning day 3- Our Pitch

After going through all the details of our final idea, we were ready for our pitch, and also ready to take in criticism against it. One of our original ideas was for the main character(me) to be wounding myself with a knife to look crazy, but that wasn't really a good idea, as Bernard suggested it will make me look innocent and the girl look like a baddie. The rest of teh plot was for me to be following in the Se7en/Trey Songz direction, but Bernard also suggested we add a new scene, with the gilr(Laura) to be followed by me, to show the obsessiveness of the stalker.

Ideas also added were the inclusions of pictures of Laura and her family being used, to show the relationship, and also to add a scene were members of Laura's family are crossed out of pictures, so I would look really insane.

The pitch did go better than planned, and recieved good feedback, which we were surprised to recieve, the only challenge now, is to make it work.

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