Friday, 25 March 2011

Filming day 2

Day 2 of filming was upon us, and with little time we got on with filming. Laura printed a lot of pictures of her, her and her family, and me together so we could gather them all up and stick on the wall for the shoot.

After getting all the bits and bobs together, we got underway, and started with the scene where I'm cutting pictures of Laura. This was followed by me inking out her friends and families in pictures, to make me look like i'm eliminating everyone apart from her. We were hoping this would make me look even phychotic, wish I hope it did. A good ramge of close up of the scissors and my hands were used.

Our next task was to shoot me sticking pictures of her on the wall, and we used a over the shoulder shot to show me stcking up pictures of her. We thought this went well because it was given good feedback by our teachers. Our main aim was to get as many shots and angles in, to get better marks. We focused the lighting primarily on the object, to get rid of the background and make the scenes look mysterious.

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