Friday, 25 March 2011

Close ups, close ups and more close ups

In our film, we had a lot of close ups, which would last very short. These little close ups became a bit of a problem we had to overcome, as every time we edited them together, we realised we cut a lot of film, and had to do more close ups, again. So we had to think of more things, and re-film.
Another problem was we got a lot of shots were out of focused at first, as we were going so close and the camera couldn't handle it, we ended up going from a distance and zooming which worked better but still some shots weren't perfect.
One close up I particularly liked, was a side on look at a book. This was really nice and close and in focus and you can see all the detail.
I think using close ups, worked well in our film, as its like looking closer to him and his personality rather than distance. I think seeing his life up close reveals more about him and his inner self rather than just him which everyone else can see. Therefore creating a more suspenseful opening.

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