Thursday, 24 March 2011

Adding Sound

When it came to sound, we wanted a creepy bass line with a screechy sound effect over tyhe top, we found an un-copyrighted instrumental of a bass line, thats dark slow and eerie, when added to our film I felt it fiited well.
On Soundtrack Pro we looked through the sound effects, trying to find some sounds we could use, we came across sounds such as impact hits, metals. However when added to the film they seemed a bit random and pointless. We decided that we didn't actually know what exactly we were looking for, and wouldn't know where to put them. Unlike the creators of Se7en which is what we wanted ours to be similar to. So we decided to leave the extra screechy sounds and we just put a rumbling sound over the title of 'addicted' this was not that obvious but it did add a little bit more to the title, emphasising the importance.
We then decided to break up the conversation. having it split around the film. This we thought was better than having it all in the beginning, as then there is nothing else for the rest of the film. This way we could give away some hints as to what might happen, for example, we put 'I'll get you to myself' over the image of circling the definition of 'Kill' this could hint that he is going to 'Kill' to get her back. It is also situated around the scribbling of faces, this could suggest who he will kill. To add a better effect we also put an echo-ey effect to make it last longer and as if it is echoing in his head whilst he's doing all this things.
We decided that the bass line was still to boring to have all the way through, so we decided to add some more music at the end to build it up, and also as the shots get quicker and shorter towards the end, we thought we could add some music to reflect this, after going through many sounds on sound track pro we found a buzzing effect, which at first by its self sounding like a fault, but when added with another sound 'disorientated' we found it had a strong effect to the film, and a  reflection of his head.
We gradually made this louder, whilst we gradually made the bass line quieter, this then went to a crescendo making it more effective.

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