Friday, 25 March 2011

Intertextuality in our film

As with every Thriller film, there are certain aspects, little factors 'borrowed' from other films and ours is no exception.
Some factors we have taken ideas from other films is the pictures. If you have any thriller films, there will be photos of their prey they would have.
There is also the knife, a key symbolic prop used in most thriller films, like The Step father.
Tattoos are also symbolic of a bad guy, and it was handy that our actor already had tattoos.
A ripped scruffy plain vest is also what you may see the 'bad guy' wearing in many films.

There will be a lot more that we didn't even mean to do, as thats just how it is with thriller films.
Obviously we still wanted our film to not follow the same pattern of every other thriller film though, I think the dictionary was a good thing to do, as i don't think I've seen a film with a villain and a dictionary. But I think this added to our psychotic feel. 

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