Friday, 25 March 2011

Our Film and Se7en

I have often talked about the film 'Se7en' and our own film. Se7en used a sequence of close ups, and quick jumpy editing. Which my group and I found worked very well and it gave a great thriller feel to it. However I wanted to make it clear we that we didn't want our final outcome to be exactly like se7en just a different plot. After all we want it to be original. But when we struggled we looked to se7en for help, for example with sound and titles. We are aware we don't have as many shots as S7en but we wanted to keep it within a story as well. Even though we both used discrete title sequence, ours still reflected strongly to a story line. Another difference with Sev7en and our own, is that in seven you see him peeling skin,which is too much like self harming, and despite that being psychotic we wanted to make sure there was not self harming done in ours, as then people may sympathies with him.
Se7en was more of a starting point for us, inspiration in some of our factors. 

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