Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Film planning-day one

Planning our final film was harder than we first thought. We were told to think of a film, location etc. Our group were very concerned with our ideas, because of the limitations we had. Firstly, we had to stay in budget, so sci-fi, high paced action films were out of the question. There was also limitations to the film, such as 'no guns' or hoodies were allowed.

We had several of ideas, but all had it's downpoints. My original idea was to have a clown stalker, following a girl home, but that didmn't go too well with my group. I thought this would of been good because finding the crops would be fun and enjoyable, but my team disagreed with me. Other ideas were a motorway suicide, a spy chase and a lady being staked.

However, my idea was a little farfetched and may of ended up going wrong, and the others, such as the stalker was too obvious, and the use of the gun wasn't permitted anyways. As for the spy chase, in a group of 3, it would of been hard for us to find people to act for us, so we needed to settle for something with less characters.

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