Friday, 25 March 2011


So we have finished. The film was finished a couple of days ago. Finally. We finished quite early on, which made us feel rather organised. It has been a roller coaster. First we were worried as we didn't have a story, then we were happy because we thought we had finished, filming, then worried because we realised we had to re film. Then we were happy because our editing was going well. Then scared again as it was nearly deadline day and we had to re do all our titles. We laughed and we came close to tears. But we finished. And I am really happy with our outcome. I think our film is exactly what we were looking for. And I think at times we shocked ourselves, as we came a long way from our disorganised filming and spoof like editing from our practise films. I think all the preparation work helped us a lot. And all the help before hand. I remember destroying our work in our other films and not being able to take the camera off, and I think in our final film we were more confident throughout the stages, and I think it reflects in our films. Obviously its not perfect and if we had more time, we could make it better, for example sort out some mise en scene issues like the pen. But I think they are minor details.
Now it feels like a weight has been lifted of our solders. I didn't realise how much it would effect me, as it was always in my head, what could we do? will we be finished on time? But I think our hard work has paid of and I hope everyone else enjoys it to. 

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