Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sound Effects


Well we have got our main track onto our clip we were just in need for that extra mile of adding that spice to it. So we decided to have a look onto SoundTrackPro for good sound effects. We found a couple but they weren't really doing it for us, in the sense of it being mysteriously disgusing. Which is what we originally wanted. Our teacher Bernard decided to give us a little nudge and he suggested thinking outside the box a little and going for a fast, kind of techno beat.

I could understand were he was coming from because with the sound track that we had it was rather boring just that one song, with nothing added to it. Furthermore, I feel that we needed to add something fast to it because its like the clip was building up and the soundtrack was letting it down a bit because there was no sound to support the build up.

We eventually found something which was infact out of the box and it was unusually great. We mixed two sound effects together to create this weird but unique sound effect. Its very strange because when playing each of the sound effects by itself it sounded like crap but when playing them together it actually sounds very, very good. Towards the ending of our clip we decided to put the sound effects that we created were the actors head was in his hands as after that clip, it goes at a fast paste.

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