Wednesday, 16 March 2011



Editing today was rather layed back. We got our clips from the memory card and imported it onto our video hardrive and opened Final Cut Pro and began to work on it.

We decided to put all the clips in order because firstly, its common sense and secondly, it would help us and not make it confusing for us.

Actually editing our film seemed harder than what it seemed. As we wanted our title sequence to resemble 'Se7en' it came to my teachers attention that we didn't seem to have enough shots as her word were 'This looks nothing like Se7en there aren't many extreme close ups and thats what Se7en is all about' My group and I thought to ourselves that we do want it like Se7en so we arranged to meet up after college hours and get the extreme close ups we needed in order to get the best possible film.

Apart from that though, we eventually edited it and now we just need a sound track to go with it. I was thinking about using a bass type of soundtrack as it would create a spooky yet mysterious atmosphere. If, when using that sound track it does create a specific atmosphere at least it could make our thriller sequence a whole lot better.

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