Thursday, 3 March 2011

Editing, day one.

For our first day of editing, we focused on getting the right shots in the right order first, and then we could work from there, there we had to decide which ones would work well, with our 'Se7en' styled opening title sequence, which meant also ‘razor bladeing’ some of them. So we could purposely a 'jumpy' effect. However, for the first part we had to make sure we used shots that would continuity with each other and work well one after each other. We also had to think forward to when we will edit, and think about what would happen so we could plan the order accordingly.
We managed to complete putting all the shots in order, and started to crop and edit them together, to create the look we want. After our first editing session, I realised that it will take quite a while to achieve our opening sequence effectively however we are ready for the rough cut, and feel organised with time. We now also feel confident using 'Final Cut Pro' and can comfortably use the software.

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