Friday, 25 March 2011

Adding Titles

When making our titles on Live Type, we knew roughly what we were looking for, we wanted something scratchy, something with effects that made it look psychotic to reflect our character. We found the perfect font of 'ne' this had a scribbling effect to it but didn't look like a child's scribble, the lines made it look a bit more psycho. However when we were on it we got a bit carried away with the effects adding about 4 to it. Which we did put on our Rough cut, so we decided to make the rest minusing one of the effects. We then still thought it was a bit much, and it was slightly hard to read. So we then made them all again this time using just two effects, are final effects were, 'Flicker' and 'Lurch' when we put them with the rest of the film we decided that it looked much better as it was slightly more simpler, but it still had that psycho feel to it. 
We changed the position of them, this meant that the audience wouldn't know where its going next, and the size was differed with importance, for example the distributer was large, as was the titles and the other titles were smaller. 

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