Friday, 25 March 2011

Filming day 3

After getting all our clips together, we knew we needed more shots, and from here we thought of what else we could do. We remembered Bernard talking to us about having a scene where Laura's being stalked by me, so we decided to give that a try and see what happens.

After getting the camera sorted, we went outside college to do our filming. We filmed from the bustop her walking up, and then had me following her down to the traffic lights. We took a lot of indivual clips, close ups, over the shoulder, mid shots of both of us, and wide shots when we wanted to show me and her being followed by me.

Another interesting shot we took was an bird's eye CCTV shot of me follwing her, wich looked good, because it looked like something out of 'Crimewatch'. The filming went quite well, but could of been a bit more well thought out before we went out, as the weather was absolutely freezing.

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