Thursday, 3 March 2011


Over half term and for one lesson back, we completed the filming for our film. Armed with a camera, tripod and lighting we went to Ryan’s house to film the inside parts of our film. We filmed the shots we already discussed and did the same shot many times from different angles so we had more to work with. We wanted a range of shots and movements so we thought it would be better to do too many then too less. As our film is fast edited in this part we thought it would still work well and won't be out of place, consequently encouraging us to do more shots. There weren't actually much problems in this part of filming, and we didn't have to re-do shots.
When we got back to college we still had the first bit of the film to shoot, so we took the camera to the street outside college, and filmed the following part, however we didn't want this to be the main focus of the film so we wanted to keep it shorter, so a variety of shots, at again fast editing would work well, however at the same time, we didn't want this part to be 'jittery' so we had to make sure the continuity was accurate and the shots matched.

In this section, we did however realise there was an obvious continuty error when we got back to the editing suite so had to retake a few shots to correct it. But as it was jsut outside college is wasn't that bad and easily adjusted.

As we had the camera we also recorded sound for the voice over, to save us doing it later on when we do put sound on. We wrote down what we would say, trying to make it short and realistic as well as scripted so we don't hesitate. This would be edited into a background noise for our final film.

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