Friday, 25 March 2011

Filming Day 1

Our first filming session started during the half term, set in my house. For our film, we knew to take a lot of shots from all different types of angles. When we all finally got together, we decided to shoot the film in my living room, on a sofa and shut the blinds to add to the dark effect.

With not a lot of careful planning, Laura had forgotten to print out pictures of her and her with her friends and family, so we had to  improvise and take a lot of pictures of me and her together. We took all different type of pictures, holding hands, walking down the street, etc, to make us look like a convincible couple.

With that done, we got the lighting set, and filmed me going into 'paranoid' mode on the sofa, scraching my head and looking crazy. That ended filming day 1.

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