Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We wanted to show our character as being stressed, angry and frustrated at his recent break up, consequently making him unpleasant and wanting to kill - showing he has some sort of mental health issues. In our film our character was kept concealed, throughout most of it, you would only see certain body parts; like a tattoo that would hint at something later on in the film, the shots which were more mid-shots where shot to not show him fully, or his hands be covering hid face. This then created mystery, into the character. Towards the end of the film we included an extreme close up of his eyes. This was to add a bit of revealing but the eyes were man to look cold and to be feared. In the film 'Se7en' the character in the opening sequence was concealed throughout this was an extreme of ours, as you only ever saw his hands, but we wanted to show a bit more, so the audience can see his emotion, and so they can spot him later on in the film.

One reason why we showed him from wider angles was so that the audience could see how frustrated he was, as this is an imoirtant factor to our film. We were watching a Trey Songz music video 'Can't be friends' and as the song is about a break up, the man would have been feeling a simular frustration to our character so we tried to mimick some of the moves he does in the video to show his anger and frustration. Like the shaking of head, and grabbing with his hands. When our character did this, it was a clear way of presenting his feelings without having dialogue. Representing the anger and stress of this character. Going crazy and showing a more messed up side. Depicting a mental disorder has progressed. This represents that love can sometimes bring out the worse in people, eventually making them develop depressed or a psychopath as well as other mental illnesses. 

Our character was also kept in a dark basement, this is a common setting used in thriller films, and reflected the isolation of the character, representing his loneliness and deviation from social norms - depicting the psychopath to his character. 

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