Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation 4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract your audience?

One way I can distribute my film is thorough the website this website is funded by the lottery and posts films made by young people, they also give the opportunity to fund them, and help them in their career. This would be a good place for my film, as it it is free and I'm a young person working in film. This website also gives out rewards, this means it gets some publicity. As the Sunday times does an award, it means it would feature with a well known newspaper, getting publicity.  is another website used to post independent films, which I could think about eventually getting mine shown, however they are more for longer, more professional films. However it would be a possible distributor fro my film. 

To attract an audience my film will be posted on to Vimeo a website used  to publish videos, this is a way people can access my film online. This can be randomners, or I can tell family and friends about it, which will then spread if they tell their friends. This is also a similar way YouTube can help get an audience for my film, as if I upload it there, it will allow strangers to come across and hopefully pass it on to other people. However, I must be careful with as there are many people that upload videos on there. And so my film may just get lost with the other millions of videos uploaded. So I can't depend solely on YouTube to attract an audience. However, Youtube will encourage people to rate it and comment so I can get true judgements.

My video will be put on DVD, 200 copies will be made. This is one way my film will be distributed, it is also a way that an audience will be attracted. As I will past it around my family, and friends and it will again circulate. 

Facebook is a way that may films have been advertised, as it has millions of members, as well as Twitter, these are free websites I can take advantage of to get my film seen and hopefully spread around friends.  They also like Youtube spread virally and so I can hope many more people will watch it, However, it may restricted to just the people I'm friends with on them. 

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