Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Our character was inspired by the concepts from the Se7en character, and Trey Songz's character in his video 'Can't be friends'. Our concept was to come up with a character who has lost his girlfriend, so he has turned almost crazy, and is in such stress, he goes mad and is now after her, but this time to kill her. We used parts from Se7en, such as when the Se7en character cuts pictures out, to show addiction. and obsession. We were hoping that by scratching people's face off pictures with her, this would show a dark, creepy, murderous side.  Our character was very hidden, face hidden, mysterious and secretive, showing intertextuality with the Se7en character. In parts of our clips, our character is seen going  crazy and out of his head, with his hands holding his head, looking frustrated and disturbed, this is a comparison to the Trey Song's character in his video, where he holds on to his head and loses control. We done this to show the effect the break up caused our character, to show how much he loved/misses her. Our character is always in the dark, and this shows reference to the Se7en character.

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