Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Font Analysis


Whilst in lesson, I came to realise that choosing the right font to feature in the sequence is just as important as filming.

Different types of fonts vary to give off different types of emotions/moods.

There are also many different connotations and denotations of type.

We then noticed that the font used was 'Papyrus,' a very popular font that was used in everyday life. But from looking below it looks like the designers have designed it slightly differently.

In class we were asked to analyse James Camerons' 'Avatar' film title.

  • Treasure map
  • Ancient
  • Natural
  • Chipped
  • Trees
  • Old
  • Egyptian
  • Pirates
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Tribal
  • Hand made
  • Rusty
  •  Looks very adventurous
  • Seems that it looks very futuristic in a way
  • Looks shiny so there may be fantastic scenery, maybe
  • Looks very glowy so that may suggest its kind of a mystery

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