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Film industries spend a lot of attention to the font they use for their title, a key reason for this is because it is one of the first things they see - in marketing it is the only thing along with one picture someone would see on a poster. So therefore it needs to show what the film is about. 

Connotation and Denotation 
Denotation is what you see and the obvious facts you get from looking at it. 
Connotation is what lies beneath that, the meanings and what individuals can gather from it. 
For example, a spider denotes; black, eight legs, and insect and it connotes fear and discomfort for some people.
This connotation and denotation is used a lot in the fonts used for films. A prime example is 'Avatar' as they used a 'Papyrus' font, this was highly criticised as it is seen as tacky and cheap after they spent loads of money in filming. 
However, Cameron chose it as it is chipped, it looks tribal and natural, his twist on it (making it glow) shows a more alien like effect. All this denotes to the theme, another planet, lack of technology, tribal and nature. Which is why it worked effectively in his film. 

'Rocky' is also a good example of this. 

The font used in the Rocky poster the bigness and boldness shows the masculinity and the strength of the main character. The simplicity shows that he leads a simple life. The fact that some of the letters are curvy show a softer side appealing to a female as well. The way it doesn't quite fit in, shows us that that he may have trouble fitting into life, and may be facing a few problems.  

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