Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Livetype & Sound


Adding sound to my groups video proved to be quite easy as it was self explanatory. There was a wide variety of different types of sound effects and that helped quite a bit. 

My group decided to add an MP3 file to the video but we had to convert it to a MOV file which was quite a struggle. When fading in and out the music it was actually really good because it looked professional and it didn't look fake. However we didn't use sound effects because I didn't feel the need to. i think, personally, there wouldn't really make any sense but I suppose you'd put sound effects to suit the video I suppose. Furthermore, using livetype to get the title for the clip was DIFFICULT. I'd say it was difficult because as we made the title for it we had to render it afterwards and there was a complication with the clip not playing. But we got there in the end, thank God. 

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