Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres


As I am aware, there are a variety of different types of thriller films. Varying from pyschological thrillers to romantic thrillers. In order to create a very good thriller, in my opinion you have to have the following key aspects in order of succeeding; suspence, tension and excitment.


Conspiracy Thriller - Marothon Man
Crime Thriller - Silence Of The Lambs
Disaster Thriller - Poseidon
Mystery Thriller - The Number 23
Pyschological Thriller - Phone Booth
Political Thriller - 'V' For Vendetta
Supernatural Thriller - The Skeletion Key

I personally think that mystery, political and supernatural thrillers are very appealing. Mystery thrillers gets the audience including myself thinking about the scenario of the film and what could happen. This type of thriller is exciting even though, there are a few scary scenes in movies such as 'The Number 23'

Political thrillers also gets me thinking about life in general and how society is. In 'V For Vendetta' the plot of very twisted and not normal, saying so, I feel that this makes the film marketable as the actual moral of that film is that 'Do not believe all what the government says as they lie, alot.'

V For Vendetta Trailer

I really like supernatural thrillers, in my opinion they are like 'light' versions of horror films. I like how supernatural thrillers scare us but it's like they have some sort of spell on us that makes us, the audience, want to look at the screen even more. The Skeleton Key was quite a good film, it had a decent plot and so on.

The Skeleton Key Trailer

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