Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Newspaper

(Refer to video upload of 'The Newspaper')
The Newspaper was a short film that we edited, to get used to and 'explore' some of the software we shall be using when doing our final 'thriller' film. We were asked to film something of 'everyday' and make it interesting to watch. We got a newspaper, and we had someone in the college library secretly reading the sun, and looking at page three. There were a range of shots to work with and edit together.

When editing I learnt a lot bout Final Cut Pro. the software used to edit the film, We cut down quite a lot of clips, to keep it quick and not boring. We also chose which to put there, keeping it in a reality order. At times there was quite a lot of time consuming to stop the edits being jittery, and it took time to make everything match up, but in my opinion our final result works well, and the cuts are fairly tidy. So I think that was good practise.
Even though we didn't use it, we learnt how to quicken up scenes. We also used the 'razor blade' to cut a camera shot into two. And became familiar with the rendering tool. Overall the software is helpful, and straight forward once you know what you are doing, but it will need more practice. 
Soundtrack software
We also used the soundtrack software which was fairly straight forward to use, and enabled us to create background music, as well as keeping some of our original sounds; like the newspaper, but we called also turn them down, as there was talking as well from the public. We chose the 'Pink Panther' theme tune as we thought it suited the cheekiness of our film, but also an 'inspector' feel to it, as he looked around to make sure no one was watching. It kept with the pace of the film, and I think works well with the final product.

Even though we didn't use any of the music on there, we discovered a lot of effective ones. There was also a lot of sound effects, which didn't work in the newspaper but will be helpful for when we do our real thriller.
Live Type 

We also had some time to go on 'Live Type' a software which helped put more complex titles on, changing the effects, fonts and colours. I learnt a lot about the things which you can do with it and it will hopefully make out final thriller film more interesting and fit well. However, unfortenetly we didn't have enough time to complete our titles but we did have 'The Newspaper' we used a typing font as it fitted with the newspaper, and we thought white was simple and effective. The effect we used was also simple and fitted in well with the theme. 

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