Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Importance of fonts in movie titles

What are fonts? Fonts are a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface. In other words, fonts are the style or shape given to the letters you are reading right now. In the old days to change fonts a printer or typesetter had to buy or make a whole new set and then have that set ready to go for his printing. Nowadays, we simply select from dozens to thousands of fonts on our computer and we click away to make what would have once been a frighteningly expensive and overwhelmingly time consuming physical effort into a breeze.

Fonts are important because they are often our first introduction. They say you only get one chance to make a good first impression and fonts are usually what create that first impression.  The font chosen for that resume is going to either create a good first impression or not. If a silly font is chosen, say the Andy font, which looks like a small child’s writing, that might set the wrong tone. Sure it will standout amongst the rest, but to what end depends a great deal on the job applied for, to be sure.

Since fonts represent styles, they therefore also represent moods. When watching a commercial on TV, or a trailer at the theatre, the fonts chosen say a lot about the product being advertised, and the creators know it. If they want viewers in a romantic mood they are not going to use a blood dripping font or a flashy science fiction one either. They will choose something round and smooth that doesn’t take the viewer away from the product, yet still informs them. By the same token, a horror movie might be dieing to use that blood dripping font.

Fonts in the computer world are as easy to select as clicking a button and their importance has grown with that ease. Readers and viewers know there are now countless available fonts to be had, so they expect a font that fits the occasion. 

Avatar was heavily slated for the use of the 'Papyrus' font because it was an obvious font and people may of expected something different.

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