Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Analysing Fonts Part 2

Analysing Fonts (Part 2)

In the lesson we were asked to analyse fonts and therefore my group was given the 'Rocky' poster.
We had to analyse the fonts with connotations and denotations in order to get a hint of what the film may suggest OR what may happen in the film.




The boldess of the font may suggest that Rocky himself may be a very outstanding person who speaks up if he doesn't like what he is hearing perhaps.

The curviness of the font in particular the 'O' and 'C' may represent the softness he has inside of his hard exterior and the letters such as 'R' and 'K' have very sharp corners which could mean that he plays that he's a 'Hard man' but deep down he is a soft, caring person.

The thickness of the font may mean that he is a very powerful, strong, masculine individual.

As the font isn't fully fitted into the frame this could mean that he has trouble fitting into society or trouble fitting into a particular community in which the sharp letters like the 'R' or 'K' may mean he has to prove himself whether he is worthy.

I have definitely realised that the font that has to be included in the title sequence is very important and that it has to have something in common in the film whether is 'Gothica' font which may relate to horror films or 'Papyrus' which may be an adventurous type of film.

Below is a trailer of the famous film 'Rocky'

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