Sunday, 6 February 2011

Filming and Editing of 'The Head Teacher' So far..

When filming The Headteacher, we found that it was much harder then photographing Jelly Babies as you had much less freedom, with say the height of the camera. And we had to use the resources instead of making our own. We also found that our chosen story line wasn't actually the best for thriller film. And it ended up seeming more like a comedy through the acting. However we did get some good shots, for example when he was heading for the door and opening it. We also included over the shoulder shots and close ups. One point I particularly liked was when we did a point of view shot when he was walking to the head teacher and sitting down, as this was when we first saw the teacher, and we got to see it through a fearful students eyes.
In editing  it turned out to be quite short, and it took a while to make sure the shots weren't jittery. We did include some match cuts, when he was opening the door handle for example. In editing to make it more interesting we added slow motion. This emphasised the punch, and then the worry of the boy as he ran away. I think it ended up alright in editing, however to make it more of a 'thriller' we will have to focus a lot on sound and also make sure that the titles aren't gimmicky.

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