Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Planning -Day two.

After looking over our ideas we decided that following wasn't the best of ideas. So instead we got inspiration from a song we heard by Trey Songz called 'We can't be friends' which is about a guy that can't get over his ex, also Rihanana's 'Photographs'. We interpreted this them make a thriller, about a guy who's girlfriend broke up with him, but he still loves her and obsesses over her. He starts to stalk her and plans to kill everyone around her thinking this would get her back. We decided in our opening sequence to have a lot of close ups of him cutting pictures of her and adding them to a shrine on the wall. We thought of a similar layout to Se7en's opening sequence. 
Also from the music video of the song that inspired us was some actions we intend to imitate of him grabbing his head in disgust and looking mad ect. 

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