Monday, 7 February 2011

Filming And Editing Of 'The Headteacher'

Filming And Editing Of 'The Headteacher

Filming our thriller sequence was very difficult indeed. As there was many things to make into consideration. Things like making sure the angles were right and the 180 degree rule had to be taken into place. Engaging in communicating with the cast was also difficult because I would want to film a bit of the film and as we were filming they would laugh like it was a joke. So it took even longer to film as there wasn't a serious note that was taken.

At the beginning of the scene I must have to admit, it was very good. But as the point of view shot was shown it seemed to have gone 'down hill' after that, as the cast took it as a joke. Instead of an intense thriller sequence which would of had us off the edges of our chairs we ended up creating a comedy spoof, it was very funny but we didn't meet the typical 'Thriller' which was a task we were set.

When editing, at first we were thinking 'How on earth are we going to edit this' because at this time it looked very bad compared to other groups work. We pulled together and started going through each clip. At first it seemed to be jerking a lot. So we had to use precise cropping in order to 'Pull off' this sequence we created.

If we were being judged on making a comedy, this would have definitely win as it had a 'laughing feel' about it. And also I found out when planning that it takes a lot of thought into making it have the suspence feel to it. I feel that when we add sound to it, it will make the clip as a whole slightly better in a way as it makes up for what it doesn't have, which is, just edginess. 

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