Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sound and Titles - The HeadTeacher

(refer to video) 
After editing our film, we had to add sound and titles. For sound we had to export it fro soundtrack, and then open it in 'Soundtrack pro' we first muted all the sound that wasn't dialouge as there was a lot background noise, which- filming in a college meant- we couldn't control. after that we added the sound effect for breathing, for the end of the film, to emphasize the fear from the boy. We then added some much needed eerie music. To define the 'thriller' genre more. We settled for some string music as this was slow, changed tempo and fitted well with the genre and film.
Putting the sound together was a bit confusing to use the software, but one you get the basics sussed and you've had a little practise its rather simple.

After we added sound, we then exported it again and opened it in 'Live Type' this was where you add titles. We went for a simple font which sort of looked like something 'headteachery' and we added a shadow in front to make it look bloody, and creepy connoting that the head teacher may be evil straight away. However, we made sure that it didn't appear to tacky or gimmicky. As practice we added some other titles, such as actors and director. We put the actors and camera work in the section where the camera is at the students point of view, before you see a close up of the head. We thought this would work well as it is in between context, as its just a window you can see and its unimportant. We put the director at the end as when researching we found this is where it went most of time, so decided a good place to put it would be when the pupil is running off, as this lets people know it's the end of the titles.
Using live type was pretty straightforward and it's interesting to see the different the effects and freedom you have to make the writing your own, and to reflect your film.

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