Sunday, 13 February 2011

Planning -Day one.

Planning our final film, was proven to be much more difficult then we expected. We were told the most important thing was location, if you find a 'thriller' like location then a story will work around that, and we chose on a location by the docks, opposite London City airport.
We also had to think about sub-genre and obviously sci-fi or high action wouldn't be easy with our low budget, so we settled on mystery. Other factors were what our titles will be like, and our original idea at the moment is to have them over the action, so we don't loose time, or the viewers attention in the short time.
Some ideas we came up with were, a clown stalker, a motorway suicide, a chase, spies and a following.
However, we now realise that many of these aren't possible and the others aren't that original.
I think researching was obviously very important, however sometimes watching all these films, make it seem harder to make your own, as being low budget we obviously can't afford all the high tech stuff we see in the cinema, so we get carried away with ideas that we couldn't make, then have to think of another realistic idea.

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