Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Planning -Day Three. (Pitch)

After presenting our pitch (Reference video) we get some positive ideas to include in our film that we will take into consideration, for example, having pictures of the girls family and new boyfriend up as a sort of hit list and he will cross them out when he has killed them. 
Also a good idea was to have the girl in the beginning with a friend/ new boyfriend and Ryan can be there in the back ground following us and looking evil, we then cut to see his house and his psychoticness and the boyfriend/friend will appear on the hit list. This will also show the girl, who is the heroine and the audience will understand she is the good person and then they will definitely fear Ryan. 
We also got constructive criticism to make sure that the viewer doesn't feel sorry for the stalker, as if the self harms for example this will happen. 
I now feel like we are ready to start filming and i think we have a good idea of the shots we will use and the better understanding the plot, and how we will show that through filming. 

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